Le Fevre Kindergarten

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Zoo visit

We went to the zoo to see what they do with the zoo poo. After reading a book asking what happens to the poo at the zoo, we wrote to the zoo and they sent us a letter explaining where the poo goes. It was decided to visit the zoo and the education centre set up a display with some zoo poo and Angela gave a talk about what happens. The poo is collected, taken away, dried out, mixed with some other materials and becomes compost and some of it is returned to the zoo as compost for the garden. After the talk, we walked around the zoo looking at the different animals. We had lunch at the zoo. A big highlight for many children was the trip on the bus.

Director 2018.
In the latest newsletter the Director for 2018 was announced. Unfortunately, due to changing circumstances, the position has to be readvertised and a new Director will be selected.


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